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Be still and slow down...

The Slow Life Experience invites awareness into the present moment. Mindfulness encourages us to slow down and interact with life more intentionally.  The practice of meditation and mindfulness teaches us patience, acceptance, and balance. Learning to be mindful allows for experiencing life more fully and richly in all that we do.


Michelle is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction theories and techniques. She teaches mindfulness with an emphasis on curiosity, encouraging students to shed their judgments and criticisms and to embrace curious inquiry towards their experience with themselves and with others.  When teaching meditation, Michelle aids and encourages students to find a meditation method that works for them. Meditation is less about emptying the mind, and more about building acceptance and resilience to the stress in our lives.


Michelle offers unique ways of experiencing and practicing mindfulness in her workshops including mindfulness-meditation workshops set in nature, mindfulness and tea, mindfulness and brushwork, and mindfulness with somatic movement.


Michelle teaches mindfulness and meditation practices in short trainings, one-day workshops, and retreats to yoga teachers in training, mental health workers, corporate personnel, professional athletes, and individuals coping with stress, loss, and trauma. 

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