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About   Michelle

Michelle (pronouns: she/hers) has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for over ten years emphasizing the principles of slowing down and being present with the complex experiences of being human.  Michelle's intersection with yoga and meditation came in her late twenties after being diagnosed with cancer and spending two years navigating balance in the midst of

a life-threatening disease. In addition to battling a terminal illness Michelle has experienced trauma and loss in her own life. She credits yoga and mindfulness for giving her the tools to self-regulate and manage her stress in times of grief, fear, and vulnerability. Michelle believes her yoga and meditation practices have improved her ability to become a better listener of herself and others while also teaching her the humble practice of acceptance. 

With a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling focused on somatic psychology for trauma, Michelle's style of teaching is trauma-informed, person-centered, and fully accepting of all individuals from all walks of life. Michelle has worked as a internationally certified  yoga therapist both in private practice and in clinical settings with her focus primarily on clients who have navigated trauma, grief, and loss. This includes working with active duty military members and individuals who are living with spinal cord injury, brain injury, cancer, chronic and life-threatening diseases, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Michelle's trauma-informed background also includes training as a Level I Warriors at Ease (WAE) Yoga Teacher and an Advanced Level Somatic Experiencing™ (SE) Practitioner-in-training. 

Michelle specializes in training yoga teachers at all levels in their careers.  She continues to provide trainings, workshops, and retreats in Asia and the United States in Yin Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teaching, Yoga Ethics, Mindfulness Practices, Somatic Practices, and Meditation.  When Michelle is not teaching yoga she spends a good portion of her time as a Somatically-trained Licensed Mental Health Counselor working in the active duty military community. To learn more about Michelle and her somatic-counseling work, visit her sister website:

Contact   Michelle

Tel: 080-6483-6259

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