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Tea Time

Sit quietly and drink tea...

Making and drinking tea encompasses the five elements of nature: water, fire, wood, earth, and metal. Tea provides ritual, space, and the invitation to slow down with all of our senses. One cup of tea from the boiling of water to the sip of liquid, if experienced mindfully, can transform our hearts and minds.   The experience of tea, the most consumed drink of the world, can connect us to nature, to our community and to ourselves.

Michelle provides tea experiences combined with Yoga and Shinrin Yoku/Forest Therapy sessions in addition to educational tea tastings and rituals that facilitate slowing down and cultivating presence. In tandem with her partner, Michelle has traveled Asia studying and collecting tea direct from farmers and growers who produce teas ethically and without harsh chemicals. She has studied the way of tea in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Specifically, through the Sayama Green Tea School in Saitama, Japan, she has completed courses in the practice of picking, hand-rolling, producing and brewing Japanese green tea leaves. In addition, she is a Certified Tea Specialist through the World Tea Academy.   She is available for private tea bookings for 1-4 people with advanced notice; such gatherings can take place in beautiful, natural settings around Japan adding to the experience of slowing down and drinking tea. 

You can follow Michelle’s tea travels and experiences on Instagram at RedThreadCha

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