Five Element Yin Yoga Workshop Series  Exploring Seasonal Changes with Yin


Attend one or all five of these intentionally designed workshops that feature a focus on one of the Five Chinese Elements and Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a specific style of yoga that targets the Meridian Lines in the body to help balance chi. Each one of these workshops is designed to balance the energy of the season. You will learn the philosophy of Five Element theory, aligned with a yin practice to help replenish and restore imbalances in your body. These workshops are open to all levels. Yin Yoga is an approachable yoga and Michelle welcomes all bodies and abilities. These workshops will take place in the beautiful healing space, The Yoga Tree Okinawa. 

Workshop dates and focused elements:

EARTH ELEMENT • Fall • Sun, Sept 15, 2-430pm     Registration closed.

METAL ELEMENT • Autumn • Sun, Nov 17, 2-430pm    Registration closed.

WATER ELEMENT • Winter • Sun, Jan 26, 2-430pm   Registration open, click here

WOOD ELEMENT • Spring • April 2020,  April 2020 TBA

FIRE ELEMENT • Summer • June 2020, June 2020 TBA

As a certified Yoga Instructor and Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist for the past 12 years  Michelle specializes in Yin Yoga, Taoist philosophy, and utilizing yoga as a tool for understanding the mind-body connection. 

TUITION: $25US per person/per workshop when booking online. $30US per person /per workshop when you pay at the door. 

TO REGISTER FOR EACH SINGLE WORKSHOP: Visit the Registration section of this website. 

30-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training  

March 27-30, 2020    TAICHUNG, TAIWAN

Yin Yin Yoga focuses on fascia; the body's connective tissue network. When the fascia of the body is hydrated and healthy we experience better mobility, structural alignment, healthy joints, emotional balance, and nervous system regulation. Yin Yoga promotes yielding into postures for longer periods of time allowing the deep fascial tissues to slowly lengthen and open. This unique style of yoga offers the practitioner the opportunity to slow down, listen, and get to know their body. Michelle combines Taoist thought and person-centered approaches to practicing and teaching yin yoga. Her specialized Yin Yoga Training draws on her Taoist studies in China, her recent graduate work in somatic-based counseling for trauma, and her developed person-centered approaches taken from western psychology and yoga therapy. This training is open to trained yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge and experience with yin yoga, and learn how to teach yin safely and effectively. The training will cover individual bone anatomy, fascia anatomy, nervous system regulation, Taoist thought and philosophy, yin postures and propping, sequencing, and person-centered approaches. 

For participants who are teachers at the certified 200- or 500-hour level a certificate of completion will be granted that can be used to attain CEUs through Yoga Alliance.  All hours must be attended to receive a certificate of completion, no make-ups available under any circumstances. This training is offered to yoga teachers only and it will be assumed that you have already studied within a formal yoga teacher training program prior to this training. 

Michelle Pietrzak-Wegner, M.S., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, has been facilitating yin yoga training programs in the U.S and Asia over the last 8 years. She has studied with both the grandfather of yin yoga, Paulie Zink, and the father of yin yoga, Paul Grilley. Her Taoist studies have taken her to Wudang-shan, China where she has studied with Taoist Master, Lisiming. Her fascia anatomy training comes direct from the cadaver lab after an extensive study of the human form with Fascial expert, Gil Hedley. Michelle continues to teach regular yin yoga classes and workshops to the active-duty military population in Okinawa, Japan where she currently resides and works as a somatically-oriented mental health counselor specializing in trauma.