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Listen to yourself...


Yoga Therapy provides a quiet and safe space, removed from the fast-paced world, to slow down and listen.  Listen not only to thoughts, but to the body and its wisdom.  A yoga therapy session with Michelle is a one-on-one process that encourages a deeper connection with self. Yoga Therapy allows the client to uncover thoughts and emotions underneath symptoms of physical pain and discomfort. A session incorporates guided processes in meditation, breath work, touch, sensory awareness, assisted yoga postures and present-moment dialogue.  This provides the client the opportunity to notice deeper patterns and sensations that may be happening physically, mentally and emotionally.  

All of us can benefit from taking the time to tune in to ourselves and really listen to our bodies in the presence of a non-judgmental witness. That said, this process can be especially beneficial for people who are going through a transition in their lives (a move, divorce, marriage, pregnancy, career change, death or illness of a loved one, etc.), for people looking to heal from past trauma (such as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse), for people with chronic physical pain or a chronic or terminal illness, and for anyone on a journey of personal growth looking to know him or herself better.  No yoga experience is necessary.

Michelle has been a practicing yoga therapy for the past nine years working with individuals living with chronic illness, trauma & disability, and life-threatening diseases. She also works with individuals and couples who feel stuck in life and relationships and who may be experiencing difficult transitions. She is certified by the International Association of 

Yoga Therapists and has served as a mentor & faculty member for the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy program in Tokyo, Japan. She has recently completed her masters degree in Somatic-based Mental Health Counseling focused on trauma with couples and families.  

Michelle is providing individual yoga therapy sessions on a case-by-case basis in Okinawa, Japan. Please email her to inquire about session scheduling and rates:

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